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Established Milton Keynes based photographer David Wellbelove Specialising in Personal Branding Headshot, Business Portraiture , Pack Shot & Product photography.


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Headshot Photography



In any business a headshot is there to help you connect with clients and potential employers, It's your shop window online. Your headshot is all about you and your personal branding, you are 100% your brand. Your headshot is one of the main images in your control to put in the public domain, that represents your brand and professionalism.

If you look stuffy and unapproachable you will lose potential business and if you look unprofessional prospective clients or employers will not take a second glance. That is due to how the human brain is wired, and how we judge people. Your profile image on 99% of websites or social media sites is the first thing people will see as it is normally placed top left of the page. So, it has to stand out for the right reasons.

What does this mean? Social media sites are normally lead with a profile image. If you do not add a profile image people will think your profile is unfinished and not bother looking. If you have a profile image that looks unprofessional you will be thought of that way. If you use a company logo you become faceless and unapproachable.

It is important to make yourself stand out from the crowd. Socially as human beings we can look at a face for less than a second, we can judge someone's age, gender, race, emotional state, and even their trustworthiness. You may be under the impression that it takes weeks of getting to know someone before you can trust them, but your brain has already done the job of decoding their personality within the first second of meeting them face-to-face.

First impressions count and as humans we are designed to connect to each other via expression. So, having a professional headshot projecting genuine expression gives a look of confidence and approachability, and the viewer will connect with you straight away. This helps in other ways as well on social media websites such as LinkedIn.

Stats tell us that you are 11 times more likely to have your profile looked at with a professional headshot. If you put this into perspective LinkedIn is a gateway to your website which makes it a good platform to increase sales of products and services. You need to stand out to capitalise on this revenue stream.

As consumers, these days branding is the thing that draws us in to buying certain products over others, and that is no different to how we see people and business online. Just think of your headshot as curb appeal, if you were selling your house you would make sure the first thing a potential buyer saw as they drive up is something amazing, you want to get them inside. You wouldn’t think twice about investing extra time and money into selling your house.

Your headshot is the same, its curb appeal to make people want to deal with you and your business. Clients want to feel confident that they are spending their hard-earned money with the right people, a quality headshot of you and your staff will do this, and a great headshot gives confidence with approach-ability.

DW Images Photography Changing The Face Of The Internet One Headshot At A Time

Looking to update your headshot for your meet the team and social media platforms? DW Images Photography is a professional headshot studio based in Bletchley, Milton Keynes. Working with local business and individuals, making them stand out from the crowd. As an established headshot photographer, I Offer a bespoke headshot photography service to fit all my clients needs. Book a sessions at my studio or If you have larger groups, I can come to your location with my fully portable studio.

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Headshot Pricing


According to science we form our opinions of someone in the first 0.9 seconds. We do this based on the shapes we see, especially those of the face.

So, it follows that with a standout headshot, you’re going to make a powerful and lasting impression online - whether it’s to get that dream job, win that role, or simply raise your profile.



This is a one hour, session in which we focus on capturing a defining image for use as a profile image and applicable to multiple social media, such as LinkedIn. Your final image will benefit from my signature “light touch retouch” which includes the removal of transitory blemishes, stray hairs and, where necessary, the addressing of other client specific issues.

Sessions Includes 1 fully post produced digital Image The final image is delivered via Dropbox, as: High resolution file for print and screen

Session Price: £132 Including VAT

A recommended Makeup Artists can be provided. Prices vary so please request in advance.



In addition to the range of options to individuals, I often design a specific package tailored to the requirement of your company wether your needs are for headshots of all your staff, corporate teams or individual executives. Prices are dependent on the number of persons, number of images required per person. I have a fully portable studio set-up, that I can bring on location. My aim is to offer you a high quality service with the least amount of disruption to your staffs busy working day.

Photographing staff on location designed to maximise your business day, Delivering a retouched headshot of each member of your team, with a recommended choice where a single image is needed for your company’s website and online profiles. This service is offered on a quote basis, depending on the number of staff.



This is a 2 hour, Three to five looks, session in which we focus on capturing a complete portfolio of images comprising a range of expression and dress designed to reflect your multi-faceted personality and presence. These sessions are suited equally to performing artists building a diverse portfolio or business entrepreneurs requiring a range of personal branding and marketing materials.

Includes 5 fully post-produced digital images

Package Price: £250 Including VAT
Additional retouched images - £18 per image Incuding VAT

Recommended Hair & Makeup Artists can be provided. Prices vary so please request in advance.


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Product and Pack-Shot Photography

DW Images Photography Offers High Quality Photography Pack-Shot Photography.

Looking to update your images on your website, do you need pack-shot images. Images offers a mix of commercial photography whether its product for your website, architectural and interiors.

Product Photography

Product photography has many uses and is ideally suited for:

  • Websites
  • Catalogs
  • Brochures
  • PR & Marketing
  • Advertising
  • Corporate Literature

D.W Images Product Photography is all about Quality and Service. We make sure that only the best images are supplied to you. We work hard to make sure that our clients stay with D.W Images once they have discovered us, and we pride ourselves on maintaining high standards with great value for money.


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DW Images Photography Bespoke Product, Pack-shot and Advertising Photography

Do you sell online? Looking for high-quality pack-shot photography for your e-commerce websites such as Amazon or Ebay. 

We specialise in crisp, clear and stylish pack-shot photography that will make your products stand out from your competitors.   Customers want to clearly see the products they are purchasing online and therefore demand high-quality images before they buy.  High-quality pack-shots lead to higher sales conversion rates and fewer product returns.

With competitive pricing, our pack-shot photography offers excellent value and will add that vital professional look to your websites, sales brochures, e-commerce pages or advertising campaign, be it digital or printed.  We’re very familiar with the requirements of major e-commerce stores such as Amazon.

Our Pack-shot pricing is done on a per shot basis and includes all retouching on final images supplied.

Pack-Shot Pricing

Product shots can vary in difficulty both technically and logistically. Work is priced on a per shot basis, below is a guide on how that works out in single product. Dependent on qty pack-shot photography can be as little as £4 per shot. Based on product pack-shots on a white background (including colour correction & basic digital clean-up.) To request a quote or to discuss your brief in more detail, get in touch. 

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Selling Clothing Online? Need Ghost Mannequin Photography.


Starting from Only £15

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