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The Men’s Room

This is an image I shot at a company I used to work for, I spent 9yrs working at this company most of the time thinking about photography. As you might guess I spent a lot of time stood in front of here, over the time I was there. When I was there I spent a lot of time just wondering what if? I suffer from depression and anxiety and have done for over 15yrs and this was a massive personal battle to deal with on top of everything else.

One day I just decided to hand in my notice and start the ball rolling running my own business, I wanted to be a photographer and I wanted to have my own company. Standing here is where I made that decision to change my life D.W Images Photography was born.

I look at this photo a lot and it always brings a smile to my face thinking how far I have come since standing there. I'm not the richest person in the world but I can say with pride, when asked what I do for a living “I’m a photographer” I say.

I did it and I'm very happy. My anxiety and depression is nearly a thing of the past, I still have bad days but the good days now more than out number the bad ones. The past 3yrs have been fantastic and I have had unprecedented support from family and friends, especially from my beautiful wife Penny and my 4 fantastic sons David, Harry, Alfie and Jack. I can honestly say the decision to take up my photography was the best thing I have ever done and I don’t regret a moment of it.

As a completely self taught photographer I have recently decided to take on a full time HND Photography qualification hopefully leading to do my degree in 3yrs time.

I am just starting my second year now and looking forward to continuing from where I left last year. My first year I left with at distinction level and my goal is to finish the HND at distinction.

I have made a load of new friends, and my confidence has just grown hand over fist.

2014 has been a great year so far. With again massive help from family and friends, I now have my own studio and feel so empowering to be shooting in my own space. I’m like a kid in a candy shop. Year on year the business is getting more busy, I have been very careful how I used my money. I made a point right at the start that I would never borrow money to finance D.W Images Photography. Everything I have earned has gone back into expanding and buying kit. Now in the 3rd year I can say that was the right way to go, I started in my converted dinning room and used a local studio which I rented by the hour as needed, this gave me very minimal overheads. Giving me a lot more flexibility on how I used my money.

I took that leap understanding photography but didn’t really have a clue about running a business, but I have been willing to learn and it’s come together so far. The biggest hurdle I have had to overcome is my personal branding and marketing my company. This is still a little hard as my anxiety and depression from the past took away a lot of confidence I had. I am now beginning to overcome this and now I am looking at new ways to get my name out there. I did not go into this to fail.

I guess what I am saying is you never have to be doing something you hate, take a leap of faith you never know what’s round the corner. I can safely look at myself in the mirror and say I took that leap, where before it was always what if. There is no such word as can’t and when people as what I do, I proudly say with my head up “I am a photographer and run my own business”


So Welcome To The Men’s Room…

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