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Staff – you just can’t shoot them!

The growing trend for staff profiles on websites and, of course, the Company Page on LinkedIn highlighting employees, is not just about letting people see who works for your organisation. These pages allow stakeholders to see who they are dealing with and it gives the business personality.

There is a little hurdle though – staff can be a nightmare to shoot.

People will always be self-critical and taking a high-quality photo on a smart phone isn’t as easy as anticipated – an awkward photo shoot resulting in average photos that staff won’t want to use on their profiles isn’t the best use of anyone’s time!

Take a look at what our clients say are the top benefits of hiring a professional.

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How does a staff member profile picture affect your brand? 

We often hear the mantra “people buy from people” and that is truer today than ever as with market saturation companies are relying on service and support as the key differentiator. We like to see who we are dealing with and we are quick to make a judgement based on that first impression. But in a world of technology that first impression may well be a social media profile such as LinkedIn.  

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We do a judge book by it’s cover

Of the images below, which one of these would you buy?

I know that a very high percentage will go for the one on the left. As this seller has invested time and effort to present their product in the best way they can. They have made it stand out and look good.

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