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Why Do We Use PNG Files in Product Photography JPEG vs PNG?

As a product photographer shooting a lot of pack-shot photography for the ecommerce market. I supply images to clients in a multiply of formats, but the most common file formats I am asked for are JPEG and PNG. In product PNG files are great in post-production for when you want a transparent background in photoshop, for pack-shot and product photography where you want to add a range of digital backgrounds. 

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In a World Where The Way We Shop Is...

In a world where the way we shop is fast changing and we buy more online than ever before, that tangibility of walking into a shop and triggering the senses is becoming more elusive. There’s nothing like feeling some soft fabrics, smelling that specialist coffee or seeing the setup of how a room in our own home could look with some fancy looking furniture. 

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We do a judge book by it’s cover

Of the images below, which one of these would you buy?

I know that a very high percentage will go for the one on the left. As this seller has invested time and effort to present their product in the best way they can. They have made it stand out and look good.

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Elvis Knew The Answer

“Values are like fingerprints. Nobody’s are the same, but you leave’em all over everything you do” Elvis Presley (1935-1977)
We all have values that are important to all of us, these include how we engage with the people around us and the people we want to do business with. When you meet potential clients you always want to look your best, you take time to dress to impress. 

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