The Photography World Has Changed Forever, but Does It Matter?

Nikon and Canon recently released their much-awaited mirrorless cameras, and the Internet has been abuzz ever since with reviews and what seem to be everyone's opinions. There is no doubt some things have changed in the photography industry, but does it matter?

Two months ago, I posted an article where Jared Polin stated the photography world was about to change forever and the end of the DSLR was on our doorsteps. Well, Polin is back with another video in what he is calling the State of the Union. After shooting with the Canon EOS R and the Nikon Z7, Polin has a few additional thoughts about whether the photography world has changed forever. Polin also provides his impression of not only the new cameras from Nikon and Canon, but also his thoughts on the existing Sony mirrorless cameras.

I think Polin does a good job addressing the various aspects of Canon's and Nikon's new mirrorless cameras, but I think the best part of the video comes at around 7:30.  You will have to watch the video to see what Polin has to say. But I will say that I agree with him and wish more people would take his advice.

Let's hear what think about the state of the snion of the photography industry.