Why You Need A Headshot

So much business is done online and via social media these days, we all need to look good online. The old adage, people do business with people is still true today. But we all do it in different ways. We do a lot of our networking via social websites such as LinkedIn or we sell our products and services online via our own websites. But all have one thing in common, no matter what we do. There is you or a team of people behind your product or service.

So that's, where the saying comes in people, want to do business with people. So having a good headshot on social media or having good headshots of your staff on meet the team pages. Is so important, as it humanises you and your business and straight away starts to build trust.

Below I have written a guide that covers in more detail why you need a headshot and it also has 5 top tips on choosing the right photographer for your needs.

Why you need a headshot?