How does a staff member profile picture affect your brand? 


We often hear the mantra “people buy from people” and that is truer today than ever as with market saturation companies are relying on service and support as the key differentiator. We like to see who we are dealing with and we are quick to make a judgement based on that first impression. But in a world of technology that first impression may well be a social media profile such as LinkedIn.  

While social media profiles belong to the individuals, those individuals represent your brand. From entry level employees through to your board of directors your potential clients, partners and suppliers will all associate those staff members with your brand. As such we should never underestimate the value of a quality headshot. 

So, let’s talk brand for a moment. Some assistance from Google and we end up with some great definitions of what a brand is…

“A product manufactured by a particular company under a particular name.”

 “The name, term, design, symbol, or any other feature that identifies one seller’s product distinct from those of others sellers.”

 “An emotional and psychological relationship you have with your customers.”

 When you look at the above you can clearly see that there is a mix of physical attributes (product, logo etc) and personality. By developing a culture of service, respect and value across your employees you will enhance your service delivery (and competitive advantage) for your customers. 

So how does that all come back to headshots?

Many organisations, both large and small, are adding staff profiles to their website to show the people behind the business, the people that your stakeholders will be working with. 

Of course, it is not just your own corporate branding that you need to consider. Chances are your employees are on LinkedIn but when did you last look at their profiles? Does their profile picture represent both them and your brand in the correct light? Would it reassure your clients that they are in good hands? 

As I mentioned earlier, people are great at making snap judgements based on initial impressions. This is something that businesses can work to their advantage through great headshot photography that is in line with your brand. If you are a solicitor the chances are that your potential clients will want someone who is confident, trustworthy and professional. If you are an advertising agency they may want someone creative, approachable and energetic. 

All of this can be portrayed within a great headshot. 

I would always recommend that if you have headshots taken of staff for corporate branding give them the opportunity to use that on their social media profiles. Not only are you protecting and aligning your brand, you are also sending a clear message to your staff that you believe in them and their importance within your organisation.