Elvis Knew The Answer

“Values are like fingerprints. Nobody’s are the same, but you leave’em all over everything you do” Elvis Presley (1935-1977)
We all have values that are important to all of us, these include how we engage with the people around us and the people we want to do business with. When you meet potential clients you always want to look your best, you take time to dress to impress. 
But a lot of us fall short when it comes to valuing ourselves and our personal brand, when it comes to social media and your online presence. Why should this be any different, places like LinkedIn are your shop windows in this cyber lead business world.
I read an interesting article recently and this stood out, and I thought It would be worth while to share. I spend a lot of my time explaining the benefits of professional photography to people, this includes headshots and product photography. The article just reiterated to me that how true it is, but it doesn’t just apply to LinkedIn. It applies to all social media and business websites.
“Please remove low quality images from LinkedIn.. I’m not just talking about your headshot. Any images you added to your profile in the summary or experience sections need to be high-quality and appropriately cropped. Nothing says “lack of attention to detail” like blurry, badly cropped, trite, or unflattering images. Of course, this is most important when it comes to your headshot. If you use a selfie, a photo where you crop out others, or a photo your mother took of you at last year’s family outing, it’s time to remove and replace. Invest in a professionally photographed headshot that projects you in the most positive and powerful light. And avoid full body shots. Let viewers see your face.”
So take a good look at the images you present to the world to promote personal brand and the products you sell. Ask yourself do they stand out from what your competitors are doing, does your competitors have higher values than you.

DW Images Product Pack-shot Photography

DW Images Product Pack-shot Photography