Need A Passport Photo Use A Machine

A business or acting headshot is not just a headshot, it's and investment in you future. Choosing a headshot photographer, It's important that you have a good connection with them. Check out their portfolio, read testimony and talk to them before you book. Do your homework, If you want a headshot that looks like a passport photo, go use a machine.

A good headshot photographer, should be able to connect with his or her client. Relaxing them in front of the camera, creating confidence and genuine expression. My favourite client is the one that walks into my studio and says "I hate my photo being taken" I sit them down with a cuppa and explain how we will approach the headshot sessions together, what will be doing. I always shoot tethered to my Mac, this allows me to work closely with the client as I coach them. As they see the images come off as I pose them and the total change from the first pic, confidence takes over and they start messing with camera. Being a headshot photographer requires 10% photography 90% therapist most of the time 

Having a conversation with the client and finding a common thread is key. I get a real buzz from turning a client into a awesome confident person from being a rabbit in headlights.

David Wellbelove