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Here at DW Images Photography I specialise in headshot photography. If you’re looking to have a corporate headshot or staff headshots and ever wondered why you need them, these are my top 10 tips into why and how to choose the right photographer.


  • Social media sites are normally lead with a profile image. If you do not add a profile image people will think your profile is unfinished and not bother looking. If you have a profile image that looks unprofessional you will be thought of that way. If you use a company logo you become faceless and unapproachable. First impressions count and as humans we are designed to connect to each other via expression. So having a professional headshot projecting genuine expression gives a look of confidence and approachability, and the viewer will connect with straight away.


  • Your headshot is all about personal branding, its 100% your brand. Its one of the main images in your control to to put out, that represents your brand professionalism.


  • A large proportion of us use LinkedIn to network. Statistics tell us, with a professional headshot your profile is 11 times more likely to be looked at. If you have staff that use LinkedIn and they have professional headshots, they will have the same potential of views. This helps bring a wider audience to your company website which intern will increase sales.


  • The most important thing when choosing a professional headshot photographer, is choosing one you connect with. Not everyone is confident when being photographed. Choosing a photographer that connects with you the person in front of the camera breaking down your anxieties about being photographed is important. Great Headshot Photography Is All About Creating Genuine Expression and connecting with the viewer. Your headshot is all about you, and you need to work with a photographer that understands that.


  • Your headshot should be clean, crisp and modern style, with no distracting background. Making you look confident and approachable.


  • Its important to make yourself stand out from the crowd. As Humans we look at a face for less than a second, we can judge someone’s age, gender, race, emotional state, and even their trustworthiness,” You may be under the impression that it takes weeks of getting to know someone before you can trust them, but your brain has already done the job of decoding their personality within the first second of meeting them face-to-face.


  • An important consideration is equipment – does your chosen photographer have the right equipment. Having the appropriate range of equipment to create a suitable image is a must for any professional photographer.  This will obviously include the camera, but also different lenses, lighting, studio equipment etc. A professional photographer will understand what is required for different types of photography. Turning up with an iPhone and making you Stand against a wall is a big No..


  • Another area that is important is that of posing. Different body shapes, skin colours and clothing types will lend themselves better to different poses, and a professional photographer will know how to get you looking at your best, and how to accentuate your best features, and minimise those you are less confident about. A professional photographer will edit your photograph.  Most of the hard work has already been done in selecting the appropriate equipment, lighting, clothing and pose for the photograph.  However, there is always just a little bit of magic that can be done at the last stage to ensure that the colour range and balance is just right, skin blemishes are appropriately edited and the image is presented in the best possible way.


  • Do keep your headshot up to date.  Nothing is more disconcerting than finding out at a first meeting that the person in the photograph is actually ten years older and looks nothing like their headshot! It’s recommended that you update your headshot every three years.


  • The most important one is “You Never Get a Second Chance to Make a First Impressions” Oscar Wilde

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David Wellbelove