Have You Asked Yourself This..

Ask yourself this.. When you look through LinkedIn for new professional connections. What the first thing you look at? 

The answer in many cases if not all, will be the profile image. The image you see will make you in that split second click next or take the opportunity to look at the persons profile.

“By looking at a face for less than a second, we can judge someone’s age, gender, race, emotional state, and even their trustworthiness,” You may be under the impression that it takes weeks of getting to know someone before you can trust them, but your brain has already done the job of decoding their personality within the first second of meeting them face-to-face.

Now ask yourself this.. Does my profile image make me stand out from the crowd?

If the answer is NO, “why haven’t you done something about it” Your looking through all of your social media platforms, judging people by their profile image, and thats what they are doing to you.. 

Your image is 100% of your brand! So get yourself a professional headshot!

Don’t Just think about Branding as something a business does to promote its self. Personal branding is key to gaining more business and starts with a great and professional looking social media profile.  Your headshot needs to make you stand out and its my job as a headshot photographer to do that for you, Offering a unique style, crisp clean and modern look, that stands out from the crowd.  Professional headshot photography is all about genuine expression and creating the best look for you, making sure your first impression counts.

Your headshot is your curb appeal, to make people want to deal with you and your business. Clients want to feel confident that they are spending their hard earned money with the right people, a quality headshot of you and your staff will do this, and a great headshot gives confidence with approachability. It makes you human! These days, professional head shots are becoming a powerful element of any business and will get you noticed. In the changing face of marketing its not just actors that need great head shots. With todays increased digital marketing and remote working a unique and professional headshot can help your current and potential clients feel more connected with you. Even when you don't meet face to face.

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