Unique Approach to Teaching Photography

I read this article this today and as I am taking my first baby steps into teaching photography, it was nice to read an article with a similar view to how I approach the same subject.


VENTH’s Approach to Teaching Photography

I was going through my images to do some archiving today and stumbled across this set of images that I hadn’t really taken the time to look at yet so I thought that being #ThrowbackThursday that I would give it some attention.

I shot it over about 10 minutes during a workshop that I was teaching as I like to show people how I style the shoot, come up with the location / concept and then how I direct the model. Once I have shot a decent amount of images I hand my camera over to my students so they can see the results and get a feel for why I am doing what I am doing.

The first time that I did this the students were quite shocked as they had never had an instructor share the back of their camera before. This made me realise that perhaps there was something unique about my approach to teaching photography.

I am not interested in developing a long term customer, I genuinely want to help develop a person’s ability to solve their own problems and how to develop their own unique style and understanding of expression using photography. I am happy to help someone again and again if they feel that I have more to offer them (which in most cases I do) and I am also very happy when they start to stand on their own two feet.

I love nothing more than sending a photographer on their way and even if I never see them again seeing my influence in their work. I am not talking about imitation, I am referring to the fact that I can see their new experimental nature, their trust in their own eye and

I would say that the most important elements of teaching for me are as follows: