The Invisible Black Background

It was a chill out Sunday yesterday, so thought I would share this with you guys. 

I follow a cool photographer and retoucher called Glyn Dewis. He has been posting some new work which he uses an invisible black background. He photographs his subject in day light, but using a single strobe or speedlight creates a black background, while his subject get perfectly lit. So I thought I would show you how its done to.

This is done by being able to trigger off camera flash and doing the following.

1 Setting your camera to manual
2 setting the ISO to its lowest, normally iso100
3 Setting your shutter speed to its highest sync speed for flash, the Norm is 1/250th or 1/200th. I have a Canon EOS 6D for some reason Canon thought 1/180th would be ok.
4 Set your aperture just high enough, so when you take a picture its just black on the back of your camera with no flash firing.

When you take another shot with the flash switched on you will capture what ever is being lit by the flash and all other light will drop off leaving a black background.  

As you can see by this first image I was set up in my garden in daylight.

DWi Set-up shot.jpg

This second shot is from the camera without the flash firing, my aperture was about F10.

This third image is the final shot after I had been playing around with the flash position.

Let me know what you think and if you have any questions please ask.

David WellbeloveComment