Shooting For A Client

Shooting product for one of my clients today. A mix of perfume and hair products, that needs to shot on a clean white background. These are the images of the set-up I am using. The product is sitting on white acrylic sheet to give a nice reflection from the base and lit from 2 sides with continuous lights, the cube give a great diffused light and soft reflections over the product. I have a strobe set on a floor stand point up to the back of the light cube, this give a burst of light which gives the shot a clean white background in camera so very little post production to get the background 100% white.  It is important to show the details correctly so I have a white reflector set up at the front to highlight the labels, in this set up its picking up the silver in the font.


These images show the set up, a view through the viewfinder and the shot from camera without any postproduction in Lightroom or Photoshop.