Why You Need A Headshot

Why You Need A Headshot

So much business is done online and via social media these days, we all need to look good online. The old adage, people do business with people is still true today. But we all do it in different ways.

We do a judge book by it’s cover

Of the images below, which one of these would you buy?

I know that a very high percentage will go for the one on the left. As this seller has invested time and effort to present their product in the best way they can. They have made it stand out and look good.

That principle works exactly the same not just when selling your products online, but also with your personal branding images such as your LinkedIn headshot.

If you are the shop window to your business, and you have a bad headshot, or even worse no headshot on your website/social media or your staff representing your company have bad images. The image on the right is how people see you and them.

They see someone or a business that doesn’t invest in their personal brand and who doesn’t care about how they present themselves. Unfortunately people do judge a book by its cover. It’s human nature to make an unconscious decision in seconds, liking or disliking you from simply looking at a photo.

So much business is not done face to face these days and having good personal branding images online, is the difference between winning or loosing a potential client.

People want to do business with people they trust and breaking the ice with a great headshot, that you look confident and approachable in, will always open doors.

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Who's Checking Out Your Shop Window...

Social media sites are normally lead with a profile image. If you do not add a profile image people will think your profile is unfinished and not bother looking. If you have a profile image that looks unprofessional you will be thought of that way. If you use a company logo you become faceless and unapproachable. 

First impressions count and as humans, we are designed to connect to each other via expression. So having a professional headshot projecting genuine expression gives a look of confidence and approachability, and the viewer will connect with straight away.

What do your #personalbranding images say about you? That photo of you on a works night out or the one with you and your mates on holiday won’t cut it! They may be your favourite, but using them in a professional way will guarantee to lose you business or job opportunities.

You need to stand out for the right reason. Your #personalbrand is your shop window.

Pimp Your Ice Cream

One of my clients Mr Simms Olde Sweet Shoppe, has just moved locations in The Centre MK. The new shop is a lot bigger than the old one, so the have been able to add ice cream and Jolly Rancher slush to their ever growing portfolio of traditional and retro sweet range.

The approached DW Images Photography to shoot a set of new advertising posters, which will be digitised and displayed on screens around The Centre MK shopping centre and also in the shop.

The brief was to come up with something bright, fun and colourful that would stand out showing the new line they would be stocking. Looking for something a little different to advertise your product contact DW Images Photography

Lets Make You Stand Out From The Crowd

Looking to update your branding imagery. wether it is a headshot for social media platforms, Such as LinkedIn. Or you have a product that needs photographing for your e-commerce website or your Amazon shop front. DW Images is set up for any size photography project. So if you have an up and coming project that needs some photography, get in touch. Call 01908 631037 or email photography@dw-images.com


Social media influences almost every facet of our lives. We use Twitter and Facebook to learn about the news. We chat with friends via Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp. We send silly messages to each other through Snapchat and save our favorite things on Pinterest. We broadcast ourselves live with Periscope and document our lives with Instagram.

Social media is deeply embedded in our online shopping as well.

5 years ago, it was enough for a business to simply be on social media. To have a presence. To occasionally post pictures of products as well as updates on sales. Today, things are completely different. Social media is absolutely revolutionizing eCommerce world. Businesses who don’t effectively engage in social media will find themselves left out in the cold while their competitors blow past them.

As Catalin Zorzini says:

For Web businesses, effective social marketing represents real value. Social networks offer new ways to reach first-time customers, engage and reward existing customers, and showcase the best your brand has to offer. Your social network profiles and the content you share are as important as a business’ storefront signage and displays in the 1950s.

Why? Social networks are evolving from merely places to find and distribute content; they’re becoming commerce portals. Businesses that integrate social media into their marketing strategy – from customer acquisition, to sales, to re-engagement campaigns – will benefit.

But what changes matter the most? What changes are having the biggest impact on the eCommerce world?

Here are 5 to think about. Find Out More


Elvis Knew The Answer

“Values are like fingerprints. Nobody’s are the same, but you leave’em all over everything you do” Elvis Presley (1935-1977)
We all have values that are important to all of us, these include how we engage with the people around us and the people we want to do business with. When you meet potential clients you always want to look your best, you take time to dress to impress. 
But a lot of us fall short when it comes to valuing ourselves and our personal brand, when it comes to social media and your online presence. Why should this be any different, places like LinkedIn are your shop windows in this cyber lead business world.
I read an interesting article recently and this stood out, and I thought It would be worth while to share. I spend a lot of my time explaining the benefits of professional photography to people, this includes headshots and product photography. The article just reiterated to me that how true it is, but it doesn’t just apply to LinkedIn. It applies to all social media and business websites.
“Please remove low quality images from LinkedIn.. I’m not just talking about your headshot. Any images you added to your profile in the summary or experience sections need to be high-quality and appropriately cropped. Nothing says “lack of attention to detail” like blurry, badly cropped, trite, or unflattering images. Of course, this is most important when it comes to your headshot. If you use a selfie, a photo where you crop out others, or a photo your mother took of you at last year’s family outing, it’s time to remove and replace. Invest in a professionally photographed headshot that projects you in the most positive and powerful light. And avoid full body shots. Let viewers see your face.”
So take a good look at the images you present to the world to promote personal brand and the products you sell. Ask yourself do they stand out from what your competitors are doing, does your competitors have higher values than you.

 DW Images Product Pack-shot Photography

DW Images Product Pack-shot Photography

Come Take A Seat

The Chair-Portrait-studio-bletchley-milton-keynes.jpg

As you may or may not know, I am a commercial photographer based in Bletchley, Milton Keynes. My main body of work includes corporate and acting headshots. I have a great passion for portrait photography, so that is the catalyst for this new personal project. The premise is to photograph a series of portraits that helps to tells a story of each subject.

I am looking for people that have a story whether it be a hobby, Passion or simply a life story, that you would like to share. It might be that you have a secret passion for teapot collecting, that you have never told anyone. We can use personal props you bring to represent you and create honest portraits of everyone who sits for in the chair.

But it just boils down to having a cuppa and conversation and finding about you as person and making a connection, it’s a tool I use when shooting headshots. My key to shooting headshots is to relax the person in front of my camera. This way I create images with genuine expression.

I’m looking to use my skills as a headshot portrait photographer to create a more intimate series of images. So, if this is something you

would like to be part of, I would be more than happy to invite you to my studio and photograph you in the chair.


Originally Published on 15 November 2016

words and photography Andrew Renneisen

This work originally started as simply photographing crime stories as an intern at my local newspaper, the Wilmington News Journal. I wanted to be a police officer growing up, so I was naturally drawn to covering these types of stories.

However, as I grew as a photographer I became more curious as to why America’s cities were so violent and what created these cycles of violence and pain. I started to think about it more as a project when I noticed that all of the cities I worked in had similar issues, which stemmed from inequality. There is so much hurt every day in the United States right now that is seemingly overlooked. I think that is what resonates with me the most.

Read More

Need A Passport Photo Use A Machine

A business or acting headshot is not just a headshot, it's and investment in you future. Choosing a headshot photographer, It's important that you have a good connection with them. Check out their portfolio, read testimony and talk to them before you book. Do your homework, If you want a headshot that looks like a passport photo, go use a machine.

A good headshot photographer, should be able to connect with his or her client. Relaxing them in front of the camera, creating confidence and genuine expression. My favourite client is the one that walks into my studio and says "I hate my photo being taken" I sit them down with a cuppa and explain how we will approach the headshot sessions together, what will be doing. I always shoot tethered to my Mac, this allows me to work closely with the client as I coach them. As they see the images come off as I pose them and the total change from the first pic, confidence takes over and they start messing with camera. Being a headshot photographer requires 10% photography 90% therapist most of the time 

Having a conversation with the client and finding a common thread is key. I get a real buzz from turning a client into a awesome confident person from being a rabbit in headlights.