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Headshot Photography

Stand out from the crowd on social media for ONLY £90

"You Never Get A Second Chance To Make A First Impression"

As consumers, these days branding is the thing that draws us in to buying certain products over others, and that is no different to how we see people and business online. Just think of your headshot as curb appeal, if you were selling your house you would make sure the first thing a potential buyer saw as they drive up is something amazing, you want to get them inside. You wouldn’t think twice about investing extra time and money into selling your house.

Your headshot is the same, its curb appeal to make people want to deal with you and your business. Clients want to feel confident that they are spending their hard-earned money with the right people, a quality headshot of you and your staff will do this, and a great headshot gives confidence with approach-ability.

"These days, professional head shots are becoming a powerful element of any business"

A great headshot will get you noticed and help your networking on websites like LinkedIn. In today's digital and cyber technology led world it is important, not only to market a product or business but to market yourself as an individual .

But not only in business is a great headshot needed, if you are looking for an acting career or you are an actor needing an updated headshot and even if you use social media for personal dating sites.. 

DW Images Photography Changing The Face Of The Internet One Headshot At A Time!

LET's take YOU, FROM ZERO TO HERO, Look at these client before and afters.


Headshot Pricing

A great first impression will last a lifetime. You will never get a second chance to make that great first impression.

According to science we form our opinions of someone in the first 0.9 seconds. We do this based on the shapes we see, especially those of the face.

So, it follows that with a standout headshot, you’re going to make a powerful and lasting impression online - whether it’s to get that dream job, win that role, or simply raise your profile.


Social Media Headshot

This is a one hour, session in which we focus on capturing a defining image for use as a profile image and applicable to multiple social media, such as LinkedIn. Your final image will benefit from my signature “light touch retouch” which includes the removal of transitory blemishes, stray hairs and, where necessary, the addressing of other client specific issues.

- Includes 1 fully post produced digital Image

The final image is delivered via Dropbox, as:
- High resolution file for print and screen
-Square format image for use on social media
Package Price: £90 Plus VAT
Additional retouched images - £15 per image Plus VAT

Recommended Hair & Makeup Artists can be provided. Prices vary so please request in advance.

**Bookings Subject to availability, 10% Deposit required at time of booking, discounted from cost at invoicing stage.


Corporate Headshots & Business portraits

In addition to the range of options to individuals, I often design a specific package tailored to the requirement of your company wether your needs are for headshots of all your staff, corporate teams or individual executives. Prices are dependent on the number of persons, number of images required per person. I have a fully portable studio set-up, that I can bring on location. My aim is to offer you a high quality service with the least amount of disruption to your staffs busy working day.

  • One staff member on location £150 Plus VAT
  • Half Day £350 Plus VAT Up to 4hrs
  • Full Day £650 Plus VAT Up to 8hrs
  • Per Hour Rate after 8hrs £75 Plus VAT per hour
  • Travel 0.60p per mile
  • Post production £15 Plus VAT per hour (1 hour minimum charge)

Recommended Hair & Makeup Artists can be provided. Prices vary so please request in advance

Photographing staff on location designed to maximise your business day, Delivering a retouched headshot of each member of your team, with a recommended choice where a single image is needed for your company’s website and online profiles. On a full day I usually expect to shoot up to 30 people per day. 


Acting & Portfolio Session. 

This is a 2-3 hour, five or six looks, session in which we focus on capturing a complete portfolio of images comprising a range of expression and dress designed to reflect your multi-faceted personality and presence. These sessions are suited equally to performing artists building a diverse portfolio or business entrepreneurs requiring a range of personal branding and marketing materials.

Includes 5 fully post-produced digital images

The final images are delivered, via Dropbox as:
-High-resolution files for Print and Screen.
-Square format image for social media.

Package Price: £250
Additional retouched images - £18 per image

Recommended Hair & Makeup Artists can be provided. Prices vary so please request in advance.

**Bookings Subject to availability, 10% Deposit required at time of booking, discounted from cost at invoicing stage.